Getting set for winter: Snow-closure alert? Stay put and stay tuned

October 30, 2008

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Okay, you just received an SFU Alert warning of a possible snowstorm-induced class cancellation at your campus – so now what?
  • Stay put. Don’t go rushing off campus. Wait until a closure has been confirmed and then cooperate with emergency personnel.
  • Check for updates on the SFU homepage,
  • If your car is not equipped for severe weather, leave it parked.
  • If you are at the Burnaby campus, do NOT try to walk down the mountain.
  • The kids are fine. If you have children in daycare, the daycare has a plan to keep children safe if it should become necessary.
  • Don’t panic. Normally, severe weather situations tend to clear in a couple of hours. In the event of a prolonged storm, the university has plans in place for emergency overnight shelter with food and water.
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