Joel Zylberberg

SFU undergrad awarded Fulbright scholarship

November 29, 2007

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By Julie Ovenell-Carter

SFU physics undergrad Joel Zylberberg (left) is the sole Canadian winner of this year’s Fulbright International Science and Technology Award for PhD study – arguably the most prestigious international scholarship available to young science scholars.

Zylberberg, a native of Sudbury, Ont who entered SFU on scholarship in 2003, will now have an additional $180,000 over three years to study at the American university of his choice.

During his undergraduate career, Zylberberg has worked on understanding the basic building blocks of matter, and on creating new materials that can deliver the next generation of smaller, faster computers and memory devices.

After two years of lab work at TRIUMF (Canada’s national nuclear and particle physics laboratory), SFU, and 4D LABS, SFU’s new research institute for advanced materials and nanoscale devices, he amassed enough data to write four scientific research papers. Three have already been published in respected academic journals.

Once a keen skier, Zylberberg now scuba dives, a recreational pursuit that will transfer well to California, where he hopes to soon be studying. After graduating with an honours Bachelor of Science degree in spring 2008, Zylberberg would like to study under Jim Siegrist, an experimental particle physics researcher at the University of California-Berkley.

"At SFU, I have experienced a very high quality of instruction and research supervision," says Zylberberg. "This has really helped me to understand the basics of physics and, more importantly, what it means to be a scientist."

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