SFU Business assistant professor Stephanie Bertels

Business prof teaches sustainable practices

September 23, 2010

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Stephanie Bertels teaches her students to go the extra mile when it comes to integrating sustainability into business practices.

An assistant professor of business, Bertels is teaching two undergraduate courses—Sustainable Innovation (BUS453) next spring and Managing for Sustainability (BUS489) next summer—along with an MBA class in sustainability.

"There’s more and more happening at the business school related to sustainability," she says. "Our students have told us this is a priority and we are responding by creating more courses."

"In my classes, I try to help students move beyond establishing the business case for sustainability. Instead, we focus on how to embed sustainability into organizational culture to support what organizations are already doing in the areas of innovation and operational excellence."

"Sustainability does not need to be an add-on. In leading companies, it’s becoming a core part of business strategy."

In the Faculty of Business, it’s also becoming a core part of curriculum development and research.

Bertels recently joined the CMA Centre for Strategic Change and Performance Measurement as a research fellow.

The centre is focused on the emerging topic of social innovation, including spurring novel solutions to complex social problems such as sustainability.

Says Bertels: "There’s a fantastic, dedicated crew of people here who are really trying to engage with the community to tackle real issues."


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Matthew Wong

I believe that we can make more money with less people! Everyone may say that more is better -especially in the business world -especially when it comes to consuming. The cost is cancer and the environment with more human activity. Therefore, Canada should make money with less people.


I don't get what Matthew is saying ...Canada doesn't have much population to begin with ...

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