Cooking with the Clan and other SFU Athletics video adventures

March 25, 2010

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Despite a hectic SFU Athletics schedule, Clan media relations student assistants Ramesh Ranjan and Olivia Brennan still found time recently to film a video segment for the SFU Clan Facebook fan page called Cooking with the Clan.

The reality TV-style cook-off pitting footballers Cody Lind and Ben Davidson against track stars Katie Tongue and Brianna Kane is the latest in the pair’s Clan Confidential series designed to show the personal side of SFU’s student athletes.

"We’re using our Facebook-based videos to introduce the athletes out of uniform, and then our branded YouTube ones are more event-recap and feature-based videos," says SFU Athletics media, broadcast and sports information director, Scott McLean.

Ranjan and Brennan’s other light-hearted Clan Confidential offerings to date include several What’s in Your Locker? episodes and an Off the Court With the Clan item featuring interviews with men’s basketballers Eric Burrell and Kevin Shaw and women’s teammates Katie Miyazaki and Kelsey Horsting.

The filmmakers aim to introduce a new video every few weeks.

So, who wins the varsity celebrity cook-off? Find out in Cooking with the Clan, Part 1 at and Cooking with the Clan, Part 2 at


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