Entertainer dances toward legal career

October 7, 2010

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His stage name is Chancz Perry. But the 40-year-old award-winning Vancouver entertainer’s academic alter ego—Charles Perry Sutherland—will finally be revealed this month when he graduates with bachelor’s degrees in both fine arts (dance) and criminology.

Perry Sutherland transferred to SFU from Douglas College four years ago to pursue his dream of becoming an entertainment lawyer.

"I want to represent artists because I feel like it’s a necessity," he says, having represented himself for years in actions to retrieve monies owed by producers.

His double major resulted in some unusual projects and opportunities, including a class performance conveying social justice and relationship issues through dance.

It was so well-received he preserved the performance on film with help from several SFU Contemporary Arts colleagues and the result, a six-minute movie called Kulu ( has won five film festival awards.

Perry Sutherland spent several years on a work/study grant in professor Gail Anderson’s forensic entomology lab, researching and breeding flies, and says "If law school doesn’t happen, I can always head towards forensics."

He also maintained some of his professional stage work, taught dance and musical theatre at Arts Umbrella, and was treasurer of the SFU Dance Student Union.

He attended a three-month SFU field school in Ghana, as well, tacking on four extra months for directed studies in dance, music and history. He then completed all of his electives in 2008 at SFU’s summer field school in Greece.

Perry Sutherland will spend the next few months studying for the LSAT exam in order to apply to law schools. He’s hoping his double major and 13 scholastic, leadership and community service awards will help to seal the deal.

"Now that my degrees are complete," he says, "I’m heading toward the dream."


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Godknows Kumassah

Very insightful as well as entertaining.

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