Jordan Gutierrez has been named SFU’s student entrepreneur of the year for his online medical bookstore,, which the young Mexican economics student created to serve his country’s rural doctors.

Entrepreneur of the Year

December 2, 2010

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Jordan Gutierrez, the 21-year-old who in 2008 founded what is now the world’s largest online Spanish-language medical bookstore to serve rural doctors in his native Mexico, has won Simon Fraser University’s Student Entrepreneur of the Year (SEY) award.

The fourth-year economics undergrad, whose site generated $300,000 in sales last year and will exceed $1 million in 2010, received the award Nov. 17 during SFU’s Celebrating Entrepreneurship event at the Segal Graduate School of Business.

“I saw the market for this,” says Gutierrez, whose father is a dentist in Mexico and whose mother ran a publishing company. “Our family has been involved in books for 100 years. We ship everywhere in Mexico.”

His website went live targeting a previously untapped market niche: country doctors whose principal alternative was an existing medical book website that was so expensive it was cheaper to come to Mexico City to buy books. offers competitively priced texts and medical supplies using “all the technologies available,” he says, “and while we’re not the first company selling medical books, we strive to keep everything up to date.”

Gutierrez attributes good customer service and providing 33 different newsletters targeting different medical specialties as keys to his success. The site also has 10,000 Facebook fans.

Gutierrez’ award includes a $1,500 prize package and entry to SFU’s VentureLabs student incubator, which offers business development assistance from experts and mentors.

The year’s runner-up entrepreneur is systems engineering student Jack Qiao, whose company PartKart offers a collaborative prototyping platform that allows students, hobbyists and anyone else to design objects and devices that can be fabricated using CNC (computer numerical controlled) machine tools.

Qiao also received the new British Columbia Innovation Council Student Award for Technology Entrepreneurship. The $500 prize recognizes business innovations that are fueled by technology.


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