Multicultural Canada

March 25, 2010

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The Multicultural Canada website, which features digitized historical information about Canada’s minorities, now includes a new scrapbook interface.

Led by SFU, the Multicultural Canada project digitizes and translates little-known stories about Canadian minorities from newspapers, booklets, interviews, photographs and other media previously hidden in archives and special collections.

With the new scrapbook interface, site visitors can paste in articles and photographs for anyone in the world to see, says Mark Jordan, project leader and head of information systems at the SFU library. "You could add an article about your great grandmother from an 1898 pamphlet on Doukhobors, a photo from a family album and your own story."

A recent $400,000 grant from Heritage Canada is funding many new resources for the site, including a collection of films on Indonesiean shadow puppets from SFU’s Museum of Archaeology and Ethology.


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