New funding for mechatronics

October 21, 2010

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Students enrolled in the popular Mechatronics Systems Engineering (MSE) program at the Surrey campus will benefit from almost $1 million in new scientific equipment, thanks to funding from Western Economic Diversification.

The MSE program combines mechanical, electrical and software and computer engineering to teach students how to design and develop a wide range of computer controlled electromechanical products and systems for industrial applications.

It’s the first undergraduate degree program of its kind in North America, and is one of the most popular at the Surrey campus, where demand has tripled over the past three years.

Fourth-year student Etienne Naugle’s interest in automation and remotely operated vehicles shows the breadth of the Mechatronics program.

“My dream job would be to work with underwater or extraterrestrial exploratory robots to study life in the oceans,” says Naugle.

Students must complete a minimum of three cooperative education terms, which gives them solid industry experience. The program also has strong business and communication components.


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