Charles Eckman will soon take the reins as SFU’s new librarian and dean of library services.

New librarian checks in

July 8, 2010

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Charles Eckman is leaving the University of California Berkeley to become SFU’s next university librarian and dean of library services, replacing Lynn Copeland, who retires after 12 years.

Eckman currently heads collections at the Berkeley library and previously worked at Stanford University.

In 2008, he met Canadian John Willinsky, founder of the Public Knowledge Project that develops software for open access journals and monographs, in which SFU is a major partner.

"I have been watching SFU for some time because what’s going on there with open access is critical to scholarly publication," says Eckman.

"It’s the future of sustainable scholarly communications, a new way for the academy to take control of a process that it has delegated to large commercial firms."

He has also been looking through Bill C32, the pending Canadian copyright legislation and other aspects of library planning and budgeting that are different from the USA.

Librarianship is something of a family business for Eckman, who has a PhD in political philosophy from Princeton and an MA in library and information studies from UC Berkeley, as both his parents and sister are librarians.

To prepare for the move Eckman has even changed his reading habits: "I’ve shifted my entire reading habits from The New York Times, Harpers and The New Yorker to The Globe and Mail, The Walrus and Maclean’s. I’m in a personal immersion process."

He’s also reading Hugh Johnston’s Radical Campus and says SFU "will be a great place to work together to shape the future of libraries in a networked world, and expose material in creative new ways."


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thomas hughes

welcome to SFU. I the new librarian brings some warm clothing. He will need it. Thomas

M. (Matt) Yigit Karakilic

Welcome to SFU Charles!

We would do our best to accompany you in your stay! :)


Yigit aka Matt

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