New salt shed to protect Stoney Creek

May 27, 2010

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SFU is building a new road-salt containment complex at its Burnaby campus to eliminate salty runoff into nearby Stoney Creek, one of the Lower Mainland’s most productive fi sh streams.

The $1-million university-funded structure, to be built next to the facilities services building by next fall, will have an underlying impermeable membrane containing the entire complex to prevent salt migration.

It will also capture incidental loading spillage in under- ground storage tanks and pump the resulting saline solu- tion back to the surface via a brine maker. The automated system will recycle the underground solution and dilute it for use on roadways.

The new complex and other salt-management improve- ments were prompted by a 2009 Stoney Creek Environ- ment Committee report linking high conductivity levels in creek surface water to road-salt migration.

SFU’s own research confirmed the link.


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It's good reason to celebrate first year anniversary of 'SFU Press Release, published May 26, 2009'.

Question is when it will happened and what to do with HEAVY METALS?

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