Seven Tips for Working Green

September 23, 2010

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1. Single-occupancy commuting is a huge source of greenhouse gas emissions. Take the bus once per week, or drive part way and take the bus part way.

2. Have a meeting off campus? Book a virtual meeting and use conference calling and/or web conferencing software to save time, money and air quality.

3. Close windows and doors on cold days. Open windows waste energy and money. They also trick automatic heating systems into thinking the heat should be turned back on, creating a positive feedback loop that increases office heat.

4. Turn off and/or unplug equipment over lunch and at night. One light may not seem important but lights out across campus translates into big savings. If you’ll be gone for an hour or longer, turn it off.

5. Print double-sided. Duplex printing saves paper use by up to 50%, saving money and trees and reducing clutter.

6. Choose to reuse. Adopt reusable coffee mugs, water bottles and plastic lunch containers and just say "no" to disposable ones. Campus coffee shops give discounts for reusable cups and you can save serious money by filling your water bottle at a WaterFillz station or municipal water taps.

7. Host an office potluck and challenge your co-workers to either bring food that is locally grown or fair-trade certified.

Got other green ideas? Then become a staff sustainability ambassador, start an office Green Team and/or follow the David Suzuki Foundation’s Workplace Program. Go to for more information.


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