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SFU a One-2-Five energy star

May 13, 2010

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SFU’s energy-management business practices came out on top in a comparison of 88 higher-education participants across North America during the latest One-2-Five Energy diagnostic analysis.

Over the past three years, SFU has been participating in BC Hydro’s Energy Management Assessment program, which entails performing regular energy management diagnostic sessions using the One-2-Five Energy assessment tool.

SFU is the only higher-education institution to earn four stars for its improvements in integrating its energy systems with its business systems and for comprehensively managing energy-related issues.

"Since joining the program in October 2008, we have made notable progress in improving our energy-management business practices, moving from the three- to four-star level," says Sam Dahabieh, director of operations, facilities services.

Examples include:

  • Demonstrated corporate commitment: Senior managers report monthly on energy performance against targets and take action if there is insufficient progress.
  • Accountabilities: An energy committee coordinates energy management activities.
  • Targets, performance indicators and motivation: SFU uses specific performance indicators for energy (i.e. kWh per unit of output, dollars per unit of output, etc.) to manage progress towards overall cost reduction targets.
  • Awareness and training: To maximize energy efficiency, project management employees receive training in energy-efficient plant design and specification, procurement and equipment repair.
  • Auditing progress: A formal, in-house review each year examines all aspects of the energy-management systems (targets, plans, processes) and compares energy savings results against original projections.

Of all the participants in the program’s benchmark database only SFU has attained the four-star level, with 11 institutions ranking at the three-star level, 55 at the two-star and 21 at the one-star level.


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