SFU Bookstore opens new Tech Shop

September 23, 2010

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The SFU Bookstore at the Burnaby campus now features a Tech Shop where customers can purchase computer hardware, software and other technology products. The Tech Shop will replace the SFU Microcomputer Store currently located at Cornerstone Mews.

"We’re excited," says Darin Book, associate director, bookstore. "Students now have the convenience of purchasing their course materials and technology products at a one-stop location. We also currently carry a selection of technology products at our Surrey and Vancouver bookstores."

The Tech Shop will also have an authorized, full service repair shop. The Bookstore is planning a grand opening event in the near future that will be advertised on campus.


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Joanne Smith

When will you have Powerpoint 2011 (?microsoft office for Mac) available for purchase?

John D'auria

What is the best price I can get for a Macbook, 2.4 GHz processor with 250 GB hard drive

I presume I can get the educational discount..


Steve Ray

John you can get student pricing online at

Leslie Ballentine

Is the "full service repair shop" now in operation? If so, I need to use it soon.

Anna Nonymous

Too bad the bookstore is getting smaller AGAIN. I liked the three level bookstore, it's a shame a University has so little space for that.

Aadesh Kumar

Can I order a configured macbook air through the SFU bookstore?


I am a recent graduate from SFU. How long more can i get education discount from the Apple Store?

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