SFU gets a vote of confidence from students (l-r) David Lindskoop, Jane Chiu, Amanda Chen, Kevin Chou and Beatrice Benavides.

SFU is number one again

November 18, 2010

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Maclean’s magazine’s 2010 university rankings again place SFU first among Canada’s 12 comprehensive universities, a position it has held eight times since the rankings began 20 years ago—more than any other university. It is also the third year in a row that SFU has perched on top.

SFU’s first-place ranking reflects our high standing in a variety of categories.
  • First: awards per full-time facultySecond: student services (% of budget)
  • Second: student awards
  • Second: medical/science grants (NSERC & CIHR)
  • Second: operating budget per FTE student
  • Third: student-faculty ratio
  • Fourth: library acquisitions
  • Fifth: total research dollars per full-time faculty
  • Fifth: library expenses
  • Seventh: scholarships & bursaries (% of budget)
  • Eighth: library holdings per student

The University of Victoria took second place in the comprehensive rankings, followed by University of Waterloo in third place and University of Guelph in fourth place. Among medical/doctoral schools, McGill ranked first, with UBC in third place after the University of Toronto.

And in Maclean’s “national reputational ranking” of 49 Canadian universities:
  • Best overall: SFU placed 12th
  • Highest quality: SFU placed ninth
  • Most innovative: SFU placed ninth
  • Leaders of Tomorrow: SFU placed 14th  


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Judy Pate

Way to go SFU! I graduated back in 1977 and now have a nephew attending SFU in his first year.

Kevin Chiuh

I was a student at SFU back in 1983 - 1985...

I would like to get more info. on the University and its courses.

Thank you.

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