SFU PEOPLE IN THE NEWS - November 12, 2010

November 12, 2010

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Media Matters, a daily report on Simon Fraser University in the news, is compiled and distributed by SFU Public Affairs & Media Relations (PAMR). This edition covers the period from 11 a.m., Wednesday, Nov. 10, through 8:30 a.m. today, Friday, Nov. 12.


Canada has given hockey some of the best players on the planet. Why can’t it do the same when it comes to sports movies? Score: The Hockey Musical, our country’s latest attempt, bombed at the box office, only bringing in $250,000. The best hockey movie so far is the classic, Slapshot, starring U.S. film star Paul Newman. “Slap Shot did a good job of mixing comedic elements with a serious theme,” said SFU communication professor Rick Gruneau, in The Globe and Mail. “It was rough, real and unabashedly violent, which is what most hockey fans want – and expect – to see in a movie about hockey. So far, no Canadian film has come close to replicating that.”
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The Burnaby NewsLeader visited with Andrew Petter and wrote about SFU's new president’s first few months on the job. Reporter Mario Bartel noted how “engagement is a big part of what makes Petter tick.”
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Why do Aboriginal students in B.C. score significantly lower than non-Aboriginal students in standard, province-wide tests? This is the question SFU economics associate professors Jane Friesen and Brian Krauth examined in their paper that was published in the Canadian Journal of Economics.
The Globe and Mail


The Surrey Leader wrote a feature about SFU student Kevin Morgan and detailed his convocation experience. Morgan, who is legally blind, delivered a speech on behalf of the 26 mature students graduating from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. “I grew up fiery, competitive, and somewhat opinionated,” he told his audience. “And whether this was a result of adolescent feelings of inferiority due to my visual disability or a byproduct of many years as a competitive runner... at times, my resulting worldview distorted my perceptions and corrupted my judgment.”
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Gordon Price, director of SFU’s The City Program, was on The Bill Good Show on CKNW, talking about TransLink's proposal for a region-wide increase in property tax to help pay for the Evergreen SkyTrain line. Price began: "It's another game of TransLink chicken." He faulted the provincial government for rejecting regional proposals other than property tax. He proposed, instead, funding from the B.C. carbon tax. "I think most people would agree that, if they are convinced that the money would go for an improvement in transit service that directly affects greenhouse gases, you could make a good case for it."


Canadian taxpayers should stop subsidizing Air Canada, SFU professor emeritus said Herb Grubel in a column published in the Brockville Recorder & Times (Ontario). “How can we explain the regulatory decisions that provide subsidies to Air Canada at the expense of the Canadian public? Research has shown that the design and operation of regulation often is hijacked by the regulated industry to serve its own interests rather than those of the public,” Grubel wrote.
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Four different players scored for the SFU men’s soccer team to help the Clan advance to the NAIA’s Association of Independent Institutions conference finals this weekend. Anthony DiNicolo, Anders Tetlie, Joseph Martin, and John Hodnettnotched goals as SFU beat Cal State San Marcos 4-1.

Members of the SFU football team paid tribute to former teammate Bernd Dittrich on Remembrance Day prior to heading on the road for their last game of the season. Dittrich, who died on November 11, 2009, was honored by his teammates, who placed a football on the 50-yard-line at Terry Fox Field. The Clan is in Arcata, Calif., tomorrow to take on the Humboldt State.


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