SFU PEOPLE IN THE NEWS - November 4, 2010

November 4, 2010

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Media Matters, a daily report on Simon Fraser University in the news, is compiled and distributed by SFU Public Affairs & Media Relations (PAMR). This edition covers the period from 11 a.m., Tuesday, Nov. 3, through 8:30 a.m. today, Thursday,Nov. 4.


SFU public policy professors Jon Kesselman and Doug McArthur were inundated with media requests following the resignation by B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell yesterday. McArthur said the bottom line is that British Columbians no longer trusted Campbell: “That is fatal in politics; you cannot recover when that happens.” The B.C. Liberals would not win the next provincial election had Campbell stayed, added McArthur, and there would be a good chance the party could get wiped out. He predicts the next Liberal leader will promise to axe the HST. Some of the media outlets that spoke with the SFU profs included: The Province, The Globe and Mail, CTV News, The Georgia Straight, CJME radio (Regina), Sing Tao newspaper (Vancouver), Fairchild Radio (Vancouver), Global TV, CBC News, Burnaby NOW, and Business in Vancouver.

The Georgia Straight
The Globe and Mail (story #1)
The Globe and Mail (story #2)

The Province and the Victoria Times Colonist also spoke with SFU business professor Lindsay Meredith, who commented that it was former premier Bill Vander Zalm and his anti-HST campaign that was responsible for Campbell’s move. “Zalm set the clock ticking,” Meredith told The ProvinceThe Vancouver Sun also quoted Meredith from an SFU Issues & Experts media alert.

The Province (story #1)
The Province (story #2):
The Vancouver Sun
Victoria Times Colonist

SFU’s next chancellor, Carole Taylor, continues to have her name connected to a possible bid for the Liberal leadership despite her comments to the contrary.

Alberni Valley Times
CTV News


Predicting the weather is a “crapshoot,” according to SFU atmospheric science professor Owen HertzmanThe North Shore Outlook spoke with him on a story about the upcoming winter, which many say will be a bad one due to the weather phenomenon known as La Nina. “For your readers in the Lynn Valley area, I think it will be a great year for snow tire sellers and skiers,” Hertzman said in the paper. North Shore ski hill operators are preparing for a busy season in anticipation that La Nina usually brings colder temperatures and more precipitation.

Full story:


SFU associate history professor Elise Chenier hopes an oral history project dating back to the 1980s that focused on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual interviewees will become a resource for teachers. "As you can imagine in these tapes, people tell incredibly intimate stories about their life experiences. They're sometimes hilarious, they're sometimes very painful, but they're always very intimate," Chenier told Xtra! West newspaper. "They're powerful testimonies to the experience of living." Eric Swanick, head of SFU’s special collections, is also working on the project, which will involve digitizing the interviews and putting them online as the Archive of Lesbian Oral Testimony.

Full story:


Our apologies to SFU molecular biology professor Lynne Quarmby for not including her in Media Matters for being recognized as one of B.C.’s 100 most influential women by The Vancouver Sun. “It wasn't an easy task to come up with just 100 women of influence in B.C., as so many women are accomplishing so many amazing things,” said the newspaper. “But these women, from seven distinct fields, deserve to be recognized.”

Digital Journal republished a story from The Peak about how Halloween costumes are becoming too sexy. "I think girls do whatever they want. Whatever they chose is their right, and we can't judge them for that,” said third-year environmental sciences student Mazier Kazemi.

Full story:

Vancouver Sun education reporter Janet Steffenhagen wrote a blog post about SFU’s new recruitment videos. She quoted Rummana Khan Hemani, SFU’s director of academic advising, as saying “the campaign is intended to be more engaging, less formal and less corporate than in previous years.”

Full story:


Perfect: The Province wrote a feature about SFU cross-country star Jessica Smith, who has won all four races she’s competed in this season. According to the paper, Smith has beaten a combined total of 444 runners in the four races. "I don't think this kind of stuff happens too often,” Smith said. "For me, it didn't even happen in high school."

Full story:


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