SFU PEOPLE IN THE NEWS - November 9, 2010

November 9, 2010

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Media Matters, a daily report on Simon Fraser University in the news, is compiled and distributed by SFU Public Affairs & Media Relations (PAMR). This edition covers the period from 11 a.m., Monday, Nov. 8, through 8:30 a.m. today, Tuesday, Nov. 9.


SFU education professor Carolyn Mamchur was a guest on CBC Radio’s The Current today to talk about how far should universities go to accommodate students with academic anxiety. Her interview is available online.
The Current


SFU engineering student Ben Brown-Bentley has been named Student Entrepreneur of the Year by the Surry Board of Trade, according to the Peace Arch NewsJane Fee, associate dean for SFU’s faculty of arts and social science, presented the 20-year-old with the award. Brown-Bentley’s company, Adrenaline Productions, specializes in organizing all-age and late-night dance events.
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Airline passengers flying into or leaving Canada are now banned from carrying large printer toner cartridges in their checked baggage, according to Postmedia News. This restriction stems for the recent attempt discovery of parcel bombs destined for the U.S. and follows a complete ban on all air cargo originating from Yemen. SFU international security expert Andre Gerolytmaos called this a “proactive” approach by Canada. "These are very good measures that'll certainly go a long way in deterring people from using packages to get explosives through," Gerolytamos said. “But they'll always try another way. We are reacting and logically so, but we have to anticipate what the next round will be.”
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The B.C. Liberals continue to mention Carole Taylor’s name when asked about party leadership hopefuls to replace Gordon Campbell. Despite her commitment to become SFU’s next chancellor, Taylor appears to be Health Minister Kevin Falcon’s top choice. Vancouver Sun columnist Vaughn Palmer is the latest to follow up on Falcon’s comment that he would not be interested in the leadership race if Taylor had a change of heart. “Falcon was the right person to throw Taylor's name into the speculative mix. He's politically savvy enough to recognize the advantages she'd bring to a party in deep trouble,” Palmer wrote. “And the almost 20-year difference in their ages means he could make way for her in this round and still have a shot to succeed her in five years or so.”
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An announcement by Solicitor General Rich Coleman that the government will review the new impaired driving laws is the right thing to do, said SFU criminologist Neil Boyd. “Introducing 0.05 is quite a departure from 0.08, and we have a criminal law that prohibits driving with having more than 0.08 alcohol in your bloodstream,” he said in The Province. “It’s still not clear to me that we’re targeting the right people by focusing on 0.05.”
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SFU fish biologist John Reynolds collaborated on a study that says “salmon farms are transferring sea lice to wild salmon in a much larger area of British Columbia's coastal waters than first thought,” reported CBC News. Studies have shown sea lice can kill small juvenile salmon. CBC Radio News, CBC Radio’s B.C. Almanac, and CFAX radio (Victoria) also interviewed Reynolds.
CBC News


Funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will help SFU biology professor Carl Lowenberger determine how insects can help create better antibiotics. “The grant will allow us to take on some high risk research that, if we are right in our design, would help us identify targets and molecules to combine in the creation of more effective antibiotics,” Lowenberger said in a news release published on
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SFU associate communication professor Yuezhi Zhao shot down a lawyer’s claims that three local Chinese newspapers are controlled by the Chinese government. “These three papers locally and historically have been known to be tied to Taiwan and Hong Kong,” she told the Toronto Sun. “The World Journal is anti-communist,” Zhao said. “They're pretty critical of China.” Zhao was commenting on the story about the young Asian man who wore a disguise to get on board a flight to Vancouver from Hong Kong. His lawyer wants the three Chinese-language newspapers to be banned from the immigration hearing.
Full story:


The Tacoma News Tribune is the latest media outlet to review SFU education professor Kieran Egan’s new book, Learning in Depth: A Simple Innovation That Can Transform Schooling.
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A letter to the editor in the Edmonton Journal referenced research by Paul Budra, associate dean of SFU’s faculty of arts and social science. The letter writer laments the lack of grammar instruction in K-12.
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Breakthrough SFU research involving neutrons and crystal structures was referenced by Nanowerk News.
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SFU communication professor Richard Smith was a guest of CKNW’s The Bill Good Show to talk about the B.C. Labour Relations Board upholding a ruling involving two Maple Ridge men who were fired for making comments about their workplace


SFU’s women’s volleyball team finished its season with a straight-set loss to Central Washington University. The squad finished with an overall 4-18 record, going 4-14 against Great Northwest Athletic Conference (GNAC) competition, according
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