SFU PEOPLE IN THE NEWS - October 21, 2010

October 21, 2010

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Media Matters – Daily Edition: October 21, 2010

Media Matters, a daily report on Simon Fraser University in the news, is compiled and distributed by SFU Public Affairs & Media Relations (PAMR). This edition covers the period from 11 a.m. Wednesday Oct. 20 through 8:30 a.m. today, Thursday, Oct. 21. This is an “internal” version of the report. An edited public version gets posted later on the SFU News website at


News of Carole Taylor's appointment as SFU's next chancellor was all over the airwaves within, literally, a few seconds of SFU sending out its news release. She quickly responded to calls for interviews with Bill Good on CKNW, and with the Globe and Mail, The Vancouver SunCity-TV, CTV  News, CBC Radio (news and the On the Coast show), Radio Canada (news), CKWX News 1130, Fairchild Radio, the Metro and 24Hours newspapers, and CHMB Radio. She was also pursued by CFAX Radio in Victoria, Business in Vancouver, and The Peak, SFU’s student newspaper. 

Our social-media efforts also generated a lot of interest:

  • Our news release about Taylor’s appointment on SFU’s PAMR website had 549 page views, while the backgrounder had 485 page views
  • The above two documents had the most page views on the PAMR website – in comparison, the third most popular web page yesterday had 71 page views
  • SFU’s YouTube channel had 1,085 views yesterday – nine videos featuring Taylor were viewed 846 times
  • Pictures of Taylor on PAMR’s Flickr photo website were viewed 1,376 times – in comparison, the previous day garnered 111 views for all the images on the website
  • People on Twitter were also talking about Taylor as we saw more than 150 tweets about her appointment

Globe and Mail story:
Vancouver Sun story:
SFU's news release:
CKNW audio vault (select Oct. 20 and 10 a.m.):


SFU criminologist Neil Boyd agrees with the Vancouver Police Union that the new drunk-driving laws are impacting police resources. “When you institute these kind of changes, there may well be consequences that were not what was intended, in terms of the use of scarce police resources,” he told The Province.

Boyd questioned whether the laws are targeting the right people. “This is new territory. Do we have a lot of evidence that people at .05 are the people that are creating more than 1,000 impaired-driving deaths that we get in Canada every year?”
The Province:


The Stoney Creek Environment Committee is worried the proposed gondola to SFU’s Burnaby campus will impact a waterway on the mountain. Despite a feasibility study prepared by SFU’s Community Trust that states “environmental impact to the conservation area will likely be minimal because gondola construction techniques can limit disturbance to the small footprints surrounding the tower locations,” the committee still has concerns.

Stoney Creen Environment Committee secretary Alan James told the Burnaby NOW that a fish ladder at the BNR railroad crossing and improvements to culverts along Lougheed Highway were not in place when the study was done and therefore not considered. “Today, there are more spawning and juvenile salmon further up the mountain than there were more than a decade ago,” he said.
Burnaby NOW:


Former SFU wrestler Arjan Bhullar won a gold medal for Canada in men’s freestyle wrestling at the Commonwealth Games. The victory was much sweeter because he did it in India, where his father had some success as a wrestler, too.

Bhullar was proud to represent his alma mater. “Once a Clansman, always a Clansman,” he told Metro. “I feel that whatever success I have now, it started with the SFU team. This country’s got so much opportunity that if you make the most of it, you can become successful, and I’m proof of that.”

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