SFU PEOPLE IN THE NEWS - September 17, 2010

September 17, 2010

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Media Matters, a report on SFU in the news, is distributed daily and compiled by SFU Public Affairs & Media Relations (PAMR).


Sara Smyth, criminology

The ability to rapidly distribute photos through social networking sites has serious implications when it comes to the dissemination of the type of images police say were taken at a Pitt Meadows rave party last weekend, said The Province

Peter Chow-White, communication

SFU’s Peter Chow-White was also interviewed extensively about this incident, talking about how easy it is today to share things like video and photos using the Internet. He appeared on Global TV twice, and also spoke to CTV News, The Province, and Sing Tao (Vancouver Chinese-language newspaper).


Doug McArthur, public policy

B.C.’s Recall and Initiative legislation is a pale imitation of California’s because it was deliberately constructed to make it impossible for citizens to set budget measures, reports The Globe and Mail. When the Fight HST campaign used the law – the first successful initiative petition in B.C. history – to force the B.C. government to respond, the government still was under no legal obligation to axe the tax.

Lindsay Meredith, business

The National Hockey League is doing the right thing by looking for innovations to improve Canada’s favorite sport, SFU’s Lindsay Meredith told Maclean’s


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