Six to receive honorary degrees

March 25, 2010

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SFU will confer honorary degrees on six distinguished Canadians during its spring (June 15–18) and fall (October 7–8) convocation ceremonies.

Spring 2010

Beverley Busson
Beverley Busson, retired RCMP commissioner who in 1974 was among the first group of women to graduate from the RCMP academy and went on to become B.C.’s first female commanding officer in 2000 and Canada’s first female top Mountie in 2006.

Alexandra Morton
Alexandra Morton, biologist and activist whose work linking sea-lice infestation in wild salmon to fish farming in the Brighton Archipelago has drawn international attention and challenged the salmon farm industry and the government officials who regulate it.

Gordon Gibson
Gordon Gibson, Vancouver political columnist, author and former Liberal politician who served as assistant to Prime Minister Trudeau from 1968–1972, ran in three federal elections, was elected to the provincial legislature twice and served as B.C. Liberal Party leader.

Fall 2010

Julio Montaner
Julio Montaner, Argentine-Canadian physician, director of the British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, Canada’s largest HIV/AIDS research, treatment and education facility, president of the International AIDS Society and one of the world’s leading AIDS specialists.

Pat Carney
Pat Carney, former federal senator, MP and minister responsible for the Canada-U.S. free trade negotiations in the Mulroney government, has been a strong voice for B.C., a role model for female politicians and an advocate for aboriginal women’s rights.

George Cohon
George Cohon, founder of McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited/McDonald’s Russia and founder of Ronald McDonald House Charities of Canada/Russia, a charity dedicated to helping children with serious illnesses or disabilities and their families lead happier, healthier lives.


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Why are we giving an honourary degree to the founder of McDonalds in Canada and Russia? I can't imagine many less worthy candidates. Sure he might have done some good with his charities but the health effects of the garbage his company deals in has MORE than made up for it. The other five recipients are fantastic. Five strikes me as sufficient.

Ruth Sol

Seems like a great batch to me - all six of them - very accomplished people we can all look up to.


I agree.

Rian Harrison

How about giving Margaret MacDiarmid another degree?

Ray Kroc

Mike, you are only insulting the academics at SFU for selecting George Cohon. All six of them have achieved a great deal in their own field. You can hate McDonald's dealings, but you can't deny their success.

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