Food-waste audit

January 7, 2010

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Sustainable SFU is encouraging diners at the Mackenzie Café and the Residence Dining Hall on the Burnaby campus to put their organic leftovers into special waste bins during a post-consumer waste audit in the last two weeks of January.

The audit results will lay the groundwork for establishing a new university composting program that would see organic waste redirected to large earth tubs on campus.

Third-year student Christopher Mulvena, who is helping to organize the audit, says a pre-consumer waste audit last summer found there was enough waste during meal preparations alone to warrant such a program.

"We’d like to see a composting program begin this semester," says Mulvena, who notes that many other post-secondary institutions already have such programs.


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Corazon Teodoro


I like this idea and i would like to have this program done in our office as we have a cafeteria as well. Kindly share to me what are the things to do for composting on site?

Your help is greatly appreciated,


Catherine Richardson

I think this is a fantastic idea! Such a program was just introduced into my home neighbourhood and we have noticed at 50% decrease in our household garbage. Of course it is also important to know that food waste is being taken care of in a way that will help sustain the Earth and minimize our ecological footprint. You've got my support with this project!

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