Outstanding Alumni leaders

Outstanding alumni are community leaders

January 8, 2009

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SFU’s 25th Outstanding Alumni awards ceremony on Feb. 19 will recognize (above l-r) Jennifer Allen Simons, Richard Bruskiewich, Gabor Maté and Evaleen Jaager Roy for their extraordinary accomplishments and achievements in the following categories:

Service to the Community
Jennifer Allen Simons (MA '83, PhD '89) is founder and president of The Simons Foundations, a private charitable group promoting nuclear disarmament, global cooperation, international law and human security, social justice and education. Simons has increased awareness and social consciousness by initiating and funding important peace-focused education programs at SFU and beyond.

Academic Achievement
A world leader in bioinformatics, Richard Bruskiewich (BA ’87) is a senior scientist in bioinformatics with the International Rice Research Institute in Manila, Philippines. Renowned as the first person to transfer the genome database Acedb to the personal computer, Bruskiewich is now using bioinformatics to decipher the genetic structure of rice, one of the world’s largest and most important food crops.

Service to the Community
Gabor Maté (PDP ‘69) is a Canadian expert on parenting, attention-deficit disorder, mind/body connection and addictions, After practicing family medicine for 20 years, he is now staff physician for the Portland Hotel Society, a residence and resource centre for people suffering from debilitating chronic diseases in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Professional Achievement
A former chair of SFU’s board of governors, Evaleen Jaager Roy (BBA ’84) is now vice-president, human resources, global publishing and community at Electronic Arts (EA) in Burnaby. She also leads EA’s outreach work outside of the United States — an advocacy initiative on behalf of disadvantaged youth.


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