Jonathan Driver

 VP-academic Jonathan Driver looks forward to new programs and innovations in SFU’s new green faculty.

Green light for green faculty

January 8, 2009

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A new environment faculty is set to open April 1 this year after receiving its final green light in December when senate approved its proposed academic programming.

The faculty, which has yet to be named, will begin accepting undergraduate and graduate students from current programs and units in April. Students will be able to enter new programs in the faculty in 2010.

"The new faculty will have important new interdisciplinary programs," says Jonathan Driver, VP-academic. "It’s a huge opportunity for the university and our students."

The new faculty will bring together the School of Resource and Environmental Management, the department of geography, the Centre for Sustainable Community Development, the Environmental Science program, and the Graduate Certificate Program in Development Studies.

Driver says students in the faculty can look forward to extensive opportunities to study and work with other SFU units such as archaeology, biological sciences, communication, chemistry, earth sciences, First Nations studies, humanities, sociology, anthropology, urban studies and international studies.

"We already have strengths in environmental research and education," says John Clague, earth sciences professor and chair of a special academic committee that designed the faculty’s academic approach.

"The new faculty will allow us to capitalize on the synergies of these strengths, and offer exciting new opportunities for our students and our faculty members."

Clague says the public can look forward to new community outreach and teaching, including public events for community and school groups, community sustainability initiatives, and student involvement in community environmental activities.

Students in the new faculty will have learning opportunities that include fieldwork, international studies, student internships and on-the-job learning through SFU’s co-op program.

John Pierce, former dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, will serve as the faculty’s special advisor to the VP-academic.


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Chun Lun (Julian) Fung

I personally consider "Environmental protection" as top priority in the world since it's affecting human's future (including the near future). The current economic crisis is actually caused by the lack of "green sense" in USA. I'm now considering to go back to school because of this new faculty.

All the best!

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