Tech biz wizards win Spencer prize

January 21, 2010

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Five business and engineering students have won SFU’s annual Ken Spencer competition for their integrated home security, automation and power-monitoring system. Omnitech Systems team members Aidin Niavarani, Aeron Kawakami, Titus Cheung, Jack Qiao and Peter Chuan Zheng won $3,000 for their efforts.

In the competition, students from ENSC 201 (The Business of Engineering) and BUS 477 (New Ventures Planning) team up for a semester to develop a new business idea with a technology focus. They’re graded on their plans and how they communicate their ideas to a simulated investors’ panel. The top-graded four or five teams then participate in the competition. Sponsor Ken Spencer is the retired CEO and co-founder of Burnaby digital printing technology company Creo Products, sold to Kodak in 2005.


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