Controlling temperature key to becoming carbon neutral at SFU

January 22, 2009

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Is your office consistently too hot or too cold? SFU’s new environmental comfort response team (ECRT) wants to hear about it. They want to fix it too, if possible.

It’s all part of the university’s response to Bill 44, the B.C. government’s legislation requiring public-sector organizations to become carbon neutral by 2010.

"Eighty per cent of SFU’s direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions are from heating and cooling our buildings," says sustainability coordinator Candace Bonfield.

"Facilities Services is doing everything they can to take care of the structural components that contribute to these emissions, by upgrading buildings, but each person at SFU can make a big difference if they:
  • close exterior windows and doors to keep heat in
  • keep thermostats at 21-22 Celsius
  • Move equipment away from heat and air vents
  • Put in a work-order request through facilities services to have window sealant applied
  • Unplug personal heaters, wear an extra layer and contact the campus facilities helpline about new heating issues: Burnaby campus: -23582; Vancouver campus: -27891 or; Surrey campus:
  • Contact the environmental comfort response team ( to address long-standing heating issues

Visit the SFU sustainability website for more information and tips.


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