Wanted: Departmental sustainability champions

February 5, 2009

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Become an SFU sustainability ambassador and make a difference to SFU’s sustainable practices.

The SFU Sustainability Advisory Committee is looking for staff willing to donate two to four hours a month during work time, to educate colleagues about sustainability issues and to promote sustainable practices in their department.

Ambassadors receive support and resources to carry out this role, as well as training and the opportunity to attend special educational events.

Dylan LeRoy, a career advisor with Career Services, became a sustainability ambassador last semester and says he has had a positive impact on the department’s sustainable practices.

"It’s not about policing people," says LeRoy, "it’s just telling them what they can do to improve their environment." As a result, he says, there’s been a massive culture shift in Career Services. "The organizer for our career days has cut down on swag, for example, and staff now print everything on recycled paper. We also encourage people not to print frivolously and pretty much everyone now turns off their lights when they leave the office."

"You can be part of the solution," says Candace Bonfield, SFU’s sustainability coordinator. "We’ve recruited 35 ambassadors since June; our aim is to have 100 ambassadors across all three campuses. Long term, we’d like to see an ambassador in each department, centre and unit."

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