Spring allergies nothing to sneeze at

February 5, 2009

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It’s almost tree pollinating time in Vancouver—when those who suffer from pollen allergies can expect a runny nose, itchy eyes, excessive sneezing, a foggy brain, sleep disruptions and fatigue. For students, allergies can be very debilitating, says allergist physician Michael Mandl. "We have shown there are significant differences in exam scores in spring and fall among students with allergies." Mandl will be at the Burnaby campus’ Health and Counselling Services clinic once a month to diagnose students, staff or faculty who think they may have allergies and to help those who have already been diagnosed. Treatment options include allergen avoidance, drugs and desensitisation for pollen, dust mites and animal dander. "We can get a 60–75 per cent improvement rate," he says. Those wishing an appointment must first obtain a referral from their family physician to Mandl at SFU’s Health and Counselling Services. For info call 778.782.4615.


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