$8 million for UniverCity elementary school in 2010

February 5, 2009

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UniverCity reached another milestone Jan. 29 when the B.C. government committed almost $8 million to build a much-anticipated elementary school in SFU’s Burnaby mountaintop community in time for the 2010 school year.

In addition to the province’s $7,897,809, the Burnaby School District and the SFU Community Trust will each contribute $1,250,000 to complete the facility.

The as yet unnamed school will be built in the university’s old East Annex building opposite the Hub residential complex, east of the Cornerstone building, which is scheduled for completion this spring. Construction is scheduled to begin in April 2009 and end by September 2010.

The school will have space for 40 kindergarten and 275 elementary students, with full capacity anticipated by 2012. Most UniverCity elementary students currently attend school in the area surrounding Burnaby Mountain.

The school will feature a new gymnasium, and an existing office building will be converted into classrooms. The SFU Community Trust will enter into a long-term lease arrangement with the school district to provide the building and an adjacent site.

The repurposed East Annex building will be given an extensive seismic upgrade and renovated to qualify for Gold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. The school will feature water-efficient landscaping and irrigation, and 75 per cent of the interior space will be exposed to natural light. As well, 75 per cent of the existing shell will be reused.

"We are delighted to see an elementary school will become part of the SFU community," says Burnaby school board chair Diana Mumford. "When completed, UniverCity could see a total of 4,500 residential units and this timely addition will benefit the community now and in the future."

"This is a perfect example of continuous learning," says SFU Community Trust president and CEO, Gordon Harris, "with facilities for university-level and our youngest students within walking distance of each other."


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Donna Balemba

What a wonderful idea! I am currently visiting SFU where my daughter is a student. I am an elementary school principal in Ontario. How will you staff this school? What criteria will be used to populate the school? If you use all SFU students' children, your results will surely be skewed. I would be interested in hearing more...Donna

Diane Luckow

Editor's note: This school falls under the BC Ministry of Education and will be staffed as any other BC elementary school.

Only a small portion of UniverCity residents are SFU students, staff and faculty so the student mix should be quite diverse.


French immersion?


What priority do the children that are attending the SFU daycare have as students to this school? I presently live off the mountain but my children attend the daycare on SFU. Will they be considered as residents or in the catchment of the new school or will they still be considered as catchment of their home school?

Steve Grice

How can we enroll our son for this school?


did anyone actually answer your questions? cause I know many of the answers....


How sad that the existing schools weren't provided staff and funding to fill their rooms, before catering to the whims of transient students who further drain the system with their subsidized daycare (and they don't pay taxes).

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