Carmen Costea

Staffer Carmen Costea will be assisting the Romanian delegation during the Winter Games.

SFU’s Olympic Who’s Who

February 4, 2010

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During SFU’s Olympic break, a number of staff and faculty will be working as volunteers for the Winter Games, including:

  • Mike Volker, director of the University/Industry Liaison Office, will perform in the closing ceremonies.
  • Adam Brayford, marketing and communication coordinator for Work Integrated Learning (WIL), will perform in both the opening and closing ceremonies.
  • Carmen Costea, manager of reimbursement and disbursements, will serve as a national Olympic committee assistant to the Romanian delegation.
  • Sophie Larsen, with the Centre for Online and Distance Education, will perform with the Traditions French Canadian folkloric dancers at Robson Square Feb. 23 at 8 pm.
  • Rosemary Hotell, faculty assistant in the dean of science office, is volunteering as a host for the Mobile Operations Support Team at Whistler.
  • Julie Ovenell-Carter, assistant director with SFU public affairs and media relations (PAMR), will be working for the Canadian Tourism Commission in the various media centres serving international journalists.
  • Steve Ray, manager, web strategy with PAMR, is volunteering as an off-ice official during the hockey games.


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Adam Brayford

What a fantastic experience, volunteering for the Olympics!

Bob Newbert

I was at the protests yesterday along with dozens of other SFU students and about 1000 other people. It was fantastic!

Its a shame SFU media are not doing more to get in touch with what students really think about the $8 billion dollar price tag for a games that was originally said to cost "nothing."

At the same time tuition fees and the cost of living is making it increasingly difficult for low income students to attend university without incurring massive debt.


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