Joanna Ashworth

Joanna Ashworth, director of SFU dialogue programs, with the Vancouver Sun series "Big Ideas for B.C.’s Future".

Big Ideas Imagined for BC

February 19, 2009

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On Feb. 23 more than 150 B.C. community leaders will gather at SFU’s Wosk Centre for Dialogue for an Imagine BC Summit.

It is the culmination of five years of engagement and dialogue with diverse people and ideas from around B.C. Delegates will talk issues and solutions and decide on which of the "big ideas" emerging from Imagine BC’s dialogue initiative have the power to shape B.C.’s future.

To prepare for the summit, Joanna Ashworth, director of dialogue programs at SFU’s Continuing Studies, invited a group of former Imagine BC delegates to share their "big ideas" in 12 focused essays covering food, literacy and citizenship, mental health, nature and health, energy efficiency, social networking, health, creativity, eco-system management, sustainability education and economics.

She then teamed up with the Vancouver Sun to publish these full-page articles. "Kirk LaPointe, managing editor of the Sun, has been a strong supporter of this Imagine BC project," says Ashworth. "He recognized that these ideas were important enough to use 12 pages of his paper to bring thousands of British Columbians into this discussion about the province’s future.

The response has been overwhelming. People have been sending in their ideas and we will be choosing three to be published on Saturday, Feb. 21 and the authors will be invited to participate
in the summit."

Speakers will include environmentalist David Suzuki and innovation scholar Thomas Homer Dixon. The North Growth Foundation, the Province of British Columbia, Western Economic Diversification and the Vancouver Foundation provided the funding for the series. You can read the BIG IDEAS series at www.vancouversun.com/news/topic.html?t=keyword&q=imagine


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