Mental Health agenda

March 5, 2009

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A new SFU club, Students for Mental Wellness, is hosting a special presentation, The Changing Agenda, about the changing status of mental health in B.C. Presenter Lloyd Craig, president and CEO of Coast Capital Savings, whose son died of suicide, is a strong advocate of mental health. Students, staff and faculty are invited to attend on Friday, March 13, 2–3 pm, WMC 3260, Burnaby campus. RSVP


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Britta Volbek

Thank you so much for this group, I am praying that there will be more groups like this so it removes the stigma that cause people to not seek help and also to educate both people who struggling with the disease and those around them to be able to recognize the disease and get help for their friend/family member.It was painful but also encouraging to read Lloyd Craig's story about his son, it is good to know that there are Foundations being set up to help people with this horrific illness. Perhaps one day soon we will have not just runs to end cancer and aids

but also mental illness. I have had two serious episodes of depression in my life my self and my son who just turned 21 and is intelligent and an amazing musician and song writer has been in the hospital the past 3 months battling it.


I have experienced mild depression during my life time.I would like to know more about it.How to prevent depression.

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