The LIDC media design team l-r: Robert Broad, Andrew Szendrey, Bob Birtch, Ivana Filipovich, Nancy Bourassa-Jaswal, Greg Ehlers, Joel Schwarz, Stephen DeMuth, Dale Northey, Francis Campbell

2008 Staff achievement awards: LIDC team, media design unit

March 5, 2009

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Each year, SFU’s staff achievement awards highlight staffers’ exceptional personal and work-related accomplishments. Throughout the semester, SFU News will feature profiles on each of the 2008 winners, who were recognized at a formal luncheon on Jan. 21 at the Diamond Alumni Centre. Team Award: Media design unit, Learning and Instructional Development Centre (LIDC)

This creative team accumulated 15 national and international awards in 2008. Many were for an ambitious website, A Journey into Time Immemorial, which recreates a First Nations Stó:lo village using Adobe Flash to its full advantage.The awards included a UNESCO Grand Prix for the world’s best heritage website. LIDC also won a spot in the Applied Arts Interactive Annual, Canada’s premier magazine of visual communications. "This is a pinnacle for all Canadian artists," says Ivana Filipovic, manager of the media design team. "To be on par with the world’s best design agencies makes us wonder how to top this."

The LIDC team:
  • Bob Birtch, graphic designer. Birtch’s work encompasses everything from technical drawings for patent applications to posters, cartooning, map drawing, book design and creating 2-D and 3-D displays.
  • Nancy Bourassa-Jaswal, interactive designer. An award-winning print designer, her work on SFU Athletics’ ads brought her international kudos.
  • Robert Broad, videographer. An SFU School of Communication alumnus, he has worked on film and new media projects in New York, Montreal and Toronto and now produces and directs films and videos at SFU.
  • Francis Campbell, videographer. Campbell has just celebrated 35 years at SFU as a camera operator and editor.
  • Stephen DeMuth, interactive designer. DeMuth’s skills cover 2-D and 3-D design and production, motion graphics and animation.
  • Greg Ehlers, SFU photographer. A graduate of Ryerson Polytechnic University, Ehlers’ experience includes landscape, fashion and archival photography.
  • Ivana Filipovic, manager/art director. Filipovic holds a BSc. in architecture from the University of Belgrade and has more than 20 years experience in popularizing science through exhibitions, TV, publications and new media.
  • Dale Northey, SFU photographer. Northey’s work in commercial photography includes assignments as diverse as NASA back-pain studies and photographing a temple of the Queen of Sheba in Yemen.
  • Joel Schwarz, videographer. An SFU film school alumnus, his passion is directing, editing, green-screen compositing and motion-graphics art.
  • Andrew Szendrey, videographer/sound engineer. Szendrey heads the sound studio, and is an expert at coordinating and directing multi-camera shoots.
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