SFU’S Olympic Break

March 19, 2009

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SFU will take a two-week break in classes Feb. 15–26, 2010 to accommodate the 2010 Olympic games. The university will remain open, but expects many staff will choose to take vacations during the Games.

Transit services are expected to be hard pressed during this time, and students could face difficulties and delays in getting to campus. As well, the break will give students, faculty and staff an opportunity to volunteer at the games.

VANOC has agreed to take on more than 500 students.

Dates for the 2010 spring and summer terms will be adjusted to accommodate the extended break. For dates and details visit


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Jessica Fickell

I am so excited to be attending SFU this fall semester 2009. I have been very interested in volunteering at the Olympic games in 2010. If there is anyway to get back to me about this, give me some information about how to apply, I would greatly appreciate that.

Thank you,

Jessica Fickell

Steve Ray

You can go to the Vancouver 2010 site and look for the volunteer section.

angry student

It is pretty sad how this charade and two week circus, as it is now being called, is interrupting the expensive education we need much more than a little excitement. Other things need fixing in Vancouver. Other issues should be addressed before we could really think about having olympics here.

Not Impressed.

I'd rather that my schooling not be interrupted for these games.


There are 13 weeks in a semester. If 2 out of those 13 are cut out, that's around 15% of the semester missed. How will this be addressed?

Will there be a discount in tuition fees? Will students be expected to miss two weeks of lectures, tutorials and labs...only to cram them into the rest of the 11 weeks?

I don't really see how this is going to work. I'd like to get my money back if I'm only getting 85% of my education.


you people are stupid! its about time we get a good reading break


I totally agree with Lisa. There must be at least 15% discount for the tuition and other fees since the students cannot go to SFU.


All the donkeys wanting a discount for the 2 week break should give their heads a shake. Live a little, there's more to life than webct and loncapa.


I can't believe people are upset about this... seriously? Wow.

It's the Olympics, get out there and enjoy it! You'd be totally lucky to experience it twice.

For those wanting a refund, I guess you didn't read where it says, "Dates for the 2010 spring and summer terms will be adjusted to accommodate the extended break. For dates and details visit "


I am quite mortified that SFU is falling in line with the Olympics. How are I supposed to believe that I'm being taught critical thought when the institution providing my education seems completely devoid of critical capacity?

This is just embarrassing.


I believe that in order to accommodate the 2 week break, the semester is extended by two weeks - exams start two weeks later than usual and the summer semester begins a bit later. Check out the new dates here

If you have no desired to be a part of the games, there are plenty of community organizations who will be losing their volunteers to the Olympics for those two weeks. Consider volunteering in the community as a positive and productive way to spend your break! Take advantage and get engaged!


Before complaining about this break take a look at the link that is posted above. Those organizing the scheduling for the semester are not complete numb skulls and obviously have thought things through and have found a way to make up the dates missed due to the break. I agree with "M". Get out there it's the olympics I know we all have our own opinions about them but even if you aren't in complete support of them check them out.It's not likely that the olympics will return to Vancouver in our lifetime so this really is a once in a lifetime experience bringing countries from all over the world together. I wouldn't fret about putting the books down for a couple of weeks, even if you don't take past in the games in any way look at this as a great opportunity to take a well deserved break or time to catch up on work!


The Olympics are nonesense but this break is necessary. I don't want to have to fight a massively overextended transit system to try to get to my classes on time everyday. If this garbage is going to take over my city for two weeks fine, but at least stop my classes so I can get the heck away from it. SFU is wrong to be playing cheerleader to this circus but right to give us a break during it.


you do know they extended our school semester till april 16. we usually start our exams at least the 2nd week of really we're only losing 1 week of school. i personally don't think that that's all that bad. And your schooling can only happen if the profs come into class. if they don't, you STILL lose those days of "education".


Please be aware that the usual 13 class weeks are scheduled for the 2010 Spring term. Please refer to this page for complete details:


just another look at how the economics of the olympics have attained a higher priority than the education of a country's students.

Sam Reynolds

To you people whining about the impact of the Olympics on your education, LIVE A LITTLE. I'm looking forward to the olympics. I'm even going to watch most of the events... from the bar while partying with a bunch of people from around the world.


AHhhhhhhhh does this mean the professors are going to cram 2 lectures into 1 for a while? I hate that


It is very disappointing and inappropriate that SFU would elect to cancel classes for two weeks when classes only run for thirteen weeks plus exams in total. Students are paying a lot of money for their education at this institute and it is disheartening to think that this money is being thrown out the window. At least offer some reduction in tuition or fees if you plan on cutting out 1/6 of our time out of classes. Thus far, I have seen no reduction in my tuition and this seems entirely unfair.

Steve Ray

Damon. You do not loose ANY class time as the semester goes two weeks longer than previous years.

Dates for the 2010 spring and summer terms will be adjusted to accommodate the extended break. For dates and details visit

Or visit the Academic Dates Calendar at

Steve Ray

SFU Public Affairs and Media Relations


People who are moaning about missed classes should actually read the post fully and check out the links.

Also, people who really, really feel it necessary to bash the Olympics had their chance, and if they are still upset about it there are plenty of places for them to complain that are more relevant than an SFU newspost.


Dudes and dudettes worrying about where that 2 weeks missed because of olympics is going.....relax. They add it on in that break you usually get between semesters. So, if you're taking courses in the summer you pretty much start once you've finished you're exams for this spring semester.

Oh damn I just realized that Stevie Ray from SFU Pubic Affairs & Media Relations just answered the question.

^For you grammar/english police out there....I purposefully mispelt Public.


Damon, you are a real tightass. Is missing one week of lectures going to put you behind in your academic career? Will you be unemployed for life because of it? Will the missing information come back to haunt you one day?


No, but it will give us a chance to slack off for two weeks.

It's a big deal because people will start to complain they fall behind because, god forbid, SFU interrupts their academic schedule and they suddenly forget how to spell their names when they come back to school.

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