FIC money funds Africa scholarship

April 2, 2009

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SFU has created a new Africa scholarship financed by royalty money it receives from Fraser International College. The $40,000 scholarship is open to high-achieving but financially challenged African students. "This is something we committed to during the debate over FIC because African students were terribly under represented here at the time," says Nello Angerilli, VP-students and international. "We will likely be awarding the first one to a young woman from Tanzania who could never possibly study outside of Africa but is extremely smart, and we expect she will start classes in the fall."


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kiflu silasu

reeally Iappriciate all your efforts to solve African students.it is true that in every year many scholarships are diplayed on enternet;but the beneficeres are only those who have still from reach family. I therefore, appriciate all your effort.


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