Prep school making the grade

April 2, 2009

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One bright spot in the state of SFU’s affairs is Fraser International College (FIC), the private college adjacent to the university’s Burnaby campus that provides transition programs for international students who want to attend SFU.

FIC opened in September 2006 with a commitment to help boost the university’s international enrolment numbers from seven to 10 per cent of the student population and increase the university’s ethnic and geographic diversity.

It began with 85 students and plans to expand to 1,000 students within five years and ultimately 1,500 students, at which point FIC will be paying SFU some $10 million a year in royalties and further international student fees when students transfer into SFU.

So how is FIC performing so far? "They’re meeting or exceeding all of their targets and our expectations in terms of numbers, diversity and academic performance," says VP-students and international, Nello Angerilli.

The college now has 892 students of approximately 37 nationalities enrolled in both university transfer program stage I (UTP I) and university transfer program stage II (UTP II), which offers courses from SFU.

"They’re recruiting people from areas in which we don’t have the resources to recruit students ourselves," says Angerilli, "and attracting top quality candidates in the countries where we do recruit.

"We’re getting students from countries we’ve never seen students from, such as Kazakhstan, and significantly greater numbers of Russians, Mexicans and Africans, and they’re planning to recruit a lot more from Latin America in the next few years."

FIC will add 150 new students in September 2009, says college director Bev Hudson. Meanwhile, 230 of its graduates are attending SFU, with another 100 starting this summer, and a further 140 starting in the fall. The first college SFU graduates are expected in 2010.

As for earlier concerns that FIC students might be substandard because they didn’t meet SFU’s normal entrance requirements, "they’re turning out to be as good as or better than other international students in terms of cumulative GPA," says Angerilli, "and their numbers in good academic standing are the same."

FIC students seem to adapt to SFU faster than other international students, observes Hudson, "because they’ve already been on the campus, using the facilities and adjusting not only to the learning and teaching culture but also to the Canadian and SFU community."


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george samuel

SFU is a renounce institution for learn and i will to be part and person of such great institution hopefully by September.


I am from INDIA and i am going to take admission in FIC in BBA UTP STAGE II.


Eshegbe tobore

Please let me know what's new @ fic.


comparing with other colleges in Vancouver, whats FIC's advantages and disadvanteges?

amritpal singh randhawa

hi i m from india and applying for fic plz let what is happening new at fic


Hi, I have same questioncomparing with other colleges in Vancouver, whats FIC's advantages and disadvanteges?

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