A Plea for the Bees’ Needs

April 29, 2009

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The European honeybee is in trouble—one-third of Canadian honeybee colonies are lost each year to Colony Collapse Disorder. Yet they have a vital role to play in Canadian agriculture, annually providing $1 billion of pollination services for Canadian crops.

The good news: Canada has more than 800 species of native bees that help to pollinate both wild plants and the food supply.

Watch a recent lecture by Elizabeth Elle, associate professor of biology, who explains why bees are in trouble, their natural history and status, and what you can do in your backyard to help support these pollinators.

Presented by SFU Continuing Studies in Science.


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Winnie Fong

I watch your documentary on TV. It is amazing. I am thinking about raising a colony in my backyard. I shall look into it when I put in some rose plants and blue berry plants.

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