Robert and Denise Hogg

Professor Robert Hogg’s mom, Denise Hogg, graduates with a bachelor of general studies degree

Prof lauds graduate: “Way to go, Mom!”

May 28, 2009

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SFU professors occasionally get to watch their own children cross the stage during convocation ceremonies.

Not too many get to see mom do it.

But health sciences professor Robert Hogg will be smiling on June 3 when his mother, Denise Hogg, completes a life-long effort to seal a degree.

Born on a Prairie farm, Denise Hogg lived in several provinces while growing up. It gave her an appreciation of national history, especially in Quebec.

"I have a real love of Canadian history," says Hogg, who has studied the subject, at a pace of a course or two a year, for the past 30 years. She receives a bachelor of general studies degree.

"I was raised with a real respect for education. My parents insisted that schooling for girls as well as boys was a necessary part of life if you were going to find some way to make a living."

Hogg worked as a public health nurse while raising two children near Ottawa. "Later, I would take a bus to Sir George Williams University (now Concordia) just to take a few courses, mostly out of wanting to learn. Then it became a way to connect with others, especially with young people. The students really motivate me."

While she’ll miss the classroom atmosphere her next goal is to continue writing the family’s history, a project her own mother had started.

Of her son Robert, who specializes in infectious diseases, she says, "his sister was always more interested in school; he didn’t exactly excel until university. But he didn’t have to work hard—he’s very bright.

"I’m happy to see them do well in their careers."

Says Robert: "I am very proud of her and so is my family. She is a great role model and taught me the importance of life-long learning, whatever form it takes."


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