Candace Bonfield

Take the SFU Transportation Challenge

June 11, 2009

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There’s still time to enter first annual SFU 8-week Transportation Challenge. Just log eight single-occupancy-vehicle (SOV) alternative trips to any SFU campus by July 27 and you could score some sweet prizes including:
  • A one-hour massage from Sourcepoint Shiatsu Centre
  • A gift certificate for three personal training sessions or a class of your choice (not including certification classes) from SFU Recreation
  • One of four one-month two-zone bus passes for September from Translink
  • One-year membership to Zip Car and a day in a Mini ($200 value)

Carpooling, public transit, cycling, walking, running, scootering and rollerblading count as an SOV alternative trip. "Telecommuting counts too, and so does holding a video-conference meeting instead of driving," says SFU sustainability coordinator Candace Bonfield. Even half-trips count—so drive to a Park ‘n’ Ride, for example, and take the SkyTrain and/or bus the rest of the way.

To take the challenge, go to SFU’s sustainability portal to create your profile on the SFU 8-Week Transportation Challenge social network (similar to Facebook). Then create a blog post each time you choose an SOV alternative trip. Include the type of transportation you used in the subject heading.

The campus that has the highest per-capita increase in SOV alternative trips over the eight-week period will win the Campus Green Trips Award.

But Bonfield says many of the 100-plus participants to date are also posting side challenges to members of their faculties, departments and operating units.

"They’re creating a real sense of community," says Bonfield. "That’s what this is all about in addition to encouraging people to integrate green transportation methods into their weekly commute."


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