New parking rates this fall

June 25, 2009

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Parking rates are a bit like municipal property-tax rates—they seldom go anywhere but up.

And SFU’s Burnaby campus is no exception. Most drivers there face another eight-per-cent average parking-fee increase this fall—with board-approved annual eight-per-cent increases through 2011, primarily to help pay for the replacement of 1,500 to 2,000 parking spaces lost to development over the next decade.

But some pass holders will actually see a price drop in September. Parking services has now consolidated parking rates into four tiers as part of a two-year effort to adjust the relative pricing of the various lots to more accurately reflect the desirability of each lot.

Under the old system, drivers parking in the far reaches of B lot, for example, were paying almost the same amount as those in E lot, even though they had to walk 10 minutes longer to get to campus.

With the new pricing, "they could be looking at increases or decreases, depending on where they park," says parking services director David Agosti, "but either way rates are a lot fairer than they were before."

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