SFU’s web login page: new and improved

June 25, 2009

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The CAS login page—the key access point for everyone using SFU’s web-based services—is getting a facelift.

CAS—the Central Authentication Service—protects most of the university’s web services and provides the SFU community with a consistent, single sign-on experience. And starting Saturday, July 4, that experience will be easier than ever as a result of the first major visual change to the page since the introduction of the SFU Common Look and Feel web design in 2006.

"The current design has served us well for a number of years," says Graham Ballantyne, a systems consultant in IT Services and the designer of the new look.

"But we felt it was time for a change. Most people visit the CAS login page with a single purpose: to log into a website. The current design buried that basic functionality between two columns of phishing warnings, help links and instructional text.

"Our goal in redesigning the page was to maintain the same functionality while providing users a clean, intuitive interface."

The new design features large username and password fields, bold type and lots of whitespace—elements that "leave little to the imagination as to what you’re supposed to do," says Ballantyne, adding that everything that doesn’t belong on a login page has been removed.

The new design also features support for mobile browsers. "More and more people are using SFU’s web services via handheld mobile devices like the iPhone and iPod touch," says Ballantyne. "The new design features a mobile version specifically tailored for mobile devices’ small screens.

The new CAS page will be rolled out gradually, starting July 4 with SFU Connect, WebCT and other services. "CAS is used both inside IT Services and externally," says Ballantyne. "Some services are still using an older version of CAS; those services will receive the new look as they change to the newer version."

And remember: be careful where you enter your SFU computing ID and password. SFU login pages always start with either (the new version) or (the older version).

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Richard Smith

Excellent work @gnb! I am thrilled to have a better CAS experience. Seems dorky to say that, but this is one of the screens I encounter the most in my day and having it improved is a real benefit. I am also pleased that the mobile experience is friendlier. Thanks.


I like the new look, but I think there should be a line of text indicating that the page is a part of the "Central Authentication Service" just like the old login page. I think it clarifies just what the user is logging into.

Kevin Fales

It looks good, but after I log in there's nowhere to go. I'd definitely suggest having at least a few links to common applications, ex. goSFU, WebCT, etc.

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