Turning Banners into Bags

July 23, 2009

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SFU’s Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) are working in partnership with Big Bold Beautiful Banner Company and the Downtown Surrey Business Improvement Association to keep street banners out of the landfill. "The banners take 30–40 years to decompose," says SIFE president Ashish Gurung. "The Banner Bags program turns used banners into an educational tool by taking them to high school sewing classes. We deliver a short workshop and then the students turn these banners into multipurpose bags." The workshop teaches the students about life-cycle analysis, the effects of nylon in the environment, and introduces the economic value of the bags. "The key is to allow the youth to practice sustainability in a fun and innovative way," says Gurung. SIFE is looking for banner donations from municipalities, as well as for high schools or community centres interested in converting the banners. Information: 778.999.5622


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