John Pierce

SFU’s new dean of green promises innovative research and outreach

September 10, 2009

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Former dean of arts and social sciences, John Pierce, has been named dean of the new Faculty of Environment.

A leading scholar in sustainable land use, food resources, community change and education for sustainable development.

Pierce led arts and social sciences from 1997 to 2007. Before that he was director of SFU’s Community Economic Development Centre, chair of the department of geography and a founding member of SFU’s Centre for Coastal Studies. He has played a lead role in several research projects, including the Georgia Basin Futures project, the climate change adaptation program funded by Environment Canada, and a project to promote community economic development for forest-based communities, funded by Forest Renewal BC. During the early- to mid-1990s he served on the review panel of the federal Tri-Council Secretariat, which administered the Eco-Research Program, the first in North America to focus on large-scale ecosystem functioning. In 2007/08, prior to becoming special advisor on the environment to SFU’s VP-academic, he was named a fellow of the Onassis Foundation where he pursued research on the role of higher education and regional development.

As dean of the environment faculty, Pierce plans to "promote the development of cross-cutting and innovative research, teaching and outreach that places a priority on better integrating social/policy sciences with natural sciences in a pure and applied context."


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