Computing degree leads to Yahoo!

October 8, 2009

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By Helena Bryan

Although Preet Jassi jokes about one day owning a yacht or two, he is resolute when it comes to being successful. And the Vernon native’s recent B.Sc. in computing science from SFU has already opened the door to a wealth of possibilities.

Shortly after completing his degree, Jassi accepted a job with global online software heavyweight Yahoo! in Sunnyvale, Calif. In fact, he’ll miss this month’s convocation ceremonies because he has already flown south to begin his new life as one of the company’s software engineers.

Jassi admits working for Yahoo! will be challenging, but he’s sure he hasn’t bitten off more than he can chew. After all, he’s used to venturing outside his comfort zone. His name is currently on a couple of major research papers—one on medical imaging and the other on operating systems—in two respected industry publications.

It was during a four-month work term in 2005, made possible by SFU’s co-op education program, that Jassi got his first taste of the dynamic, energetic culture at Yahoo!, where most employees are 20-somethings like himself. Now he’s enjoying his new job and his new home in the heart of the San Francisco Bay area’s famed Silicon Valley. "Sunnyvale is a super cool place, always warm and sunny. I most definitely don’t miss the Vancouver rain," he says.

For now, Jassi is content to make a contribution to Yahoo!, learn all he can, and acquire valuable experience. Beyond the next couple of years, he has nothing in particular planned. All he knows is that there will be plenty of opportunities open to him. And who knows? One of them might lead to a yacht.


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