‘McFogg’ grad earns a biscuit… er, BA

October 8, 2009

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McFogg the Dog, SFU’s tartan-clad mascot, experienced an unexpected wardrobe malfunction last year when his belt unfurled and his kilt dropped during an SFU Open House.

But the silly moment was just part of the fun for McFogg’s alter ego, arts and social sciences student Terry Forst.

In fact, Forst enjoyed campus life so much he stretched his BA out for seven years while he volunteered on campus. He spent five years helping out with and then organizing the new-student orientation program, completed four consecutive co-op work terms establishing a university life (ULife) program to foster more student involvement on campus, and acquired two leadership certificates.

He also helped to resurrect McFogg, sidelined in 2003 due to "injuries." Today, McFogg is back in service and, thanks to Forst, students can even purchase a variety of McFogg merchandise.

Through it all, Forst managed to take enough courses to graduate this month with a major in English and a minor in humanities. But he’s still not done with university student life. He now works full-time as the coordinator of residence programs at UVic, organizing a busy slate of programs for 2300 students living in residence.

Not surprisingly, he says he wants to make a career out of student affairs. "I fell in love with it just by being a volunteer," says Forst. "My dad always told me that when choosing a career you have to do what you love and love what you do."


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IJ Brown

This school is SOOOOOO lucky to have a pup like this. I wish I did....:(

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