SFU Alerts test Tuesday, Nov. 10

November 5, 2009

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The university will conduct a test of its SFU Alerts mass notification system on Tuesday, Nov. 10 at 12:20 pm. The system’s messages are automatically sent twice to make sure they get through to all registered recipients. All students, staff and faculty should add or update their phone, e-mail and instant-messaging information as soon as possible, at either for students or for staff/faculty. Also, be sure to let everyone at your home number know to expect the test alerts so they won’t be alarmed. The SFU Alerts system is designed to send university-approved emergency messages by text message (SMS) to mobile devices (cell phones, BlackBerrys, etc.), instant message (AIM/AOL, MSN and Yahoo), e-mail to SFU and non-SFU addresses, and calls to home and office phone numbers. That means you could conceivably get 12 or more test messages. That may sound like a lot, says public affairs and media relations director, Don MacLachlan. "But if there was a gunman on campus you would sure want to know as fast as possible and in as many ways as possible." For more information visit:


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