Michael Stevenson and Prince Charles

Prince Charles visits SFU

November 10, 2009

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Prince Charles’ first-ever visit to Simon Fraser University on Saturday (Nov. 7) made it into media around the world.

He attended a seminar on sustainable urbanism (one of his long-time interests) at SFU’s Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue.

“I'm so pleased this seminar is possible, and there will be a collaboration with this august university,” Prince Charles told delegates.

That collaboration will see a partnership between SFU and the Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment, to develop a new curriculum for advanced education on sustainable urbanism.

“(It) seems to me that we could do with rediscovering our intimate connection with nature, at a time when the world is facing so many enormous challenges over climate change and environmental crises of one kind or another,” said the prince. 

The seminar brought together developers, planners, politicians, financiers and others. Their host was Anthony Perl, director of SFU Urban Studies.

SFU and the foundation signed a memorandum of agreement after the event.


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Peter Lenko

How come I didn't get the memo that Prince Charles would be visiting Simon Fraser University?

Where do find out when notables such as Prince Charles, heads of state, big thinkers, celebrities, etc... are coming to campus?

Steve Ray

Well it was in print and on line, SFU news carried a story on the 5th.

and again here it was also on the Public Affairs site at

It was also posted on the Ceremonies site as well.

And those are the only ones I could find after looking for 2 min.

And the fist two I got by subscribing to the RSS feed.

That Guy

Is Prince Charles Michael Stevenson's doppleganger, or is Michael Stevenson Prine Charles' doppleganger?


It never seems like SFU puts enough of an effort to get the word out when big events like this happened. I would have liked to have been there to see that but I didn't hear a word about, and I even usually read the school newspaper and check the site. Posters or a memo to our profs would have been nice so they could tell us.

Ben Dover

I love the facial impressions on both Prince Charles and Stevenson. They looks like brothers! LOL

This Guy

I would have to agree with that statement. I can't think of a single person that wouldn't want to see the Prince, especially at our school.

For crying out loud, there was more awareness when Rick mercer was canvassing for nets in Africa.

Pick it up SFU!


Remember to put your snow tires on sfu!


I was disappointed that not enough word was put out about this. I am an employee and student at SFU and I didn't hear a single word about this until I saw Prince Charles face on the SFU homepage. I also agree that when Rick Mercer was here on campus I heard about that weeks in advance and even got several e-mail reminders about it. SFU media needs to let people be more aware when important leaders and diplomats come to campus. It is so important for employees and students to show their support and interest.


i agree with lauren !!

Don MacLachlan

As you'll see from Steve Ray's response in the string above, there WAS some advance publicity floated around SFU (and on SFU social media channels, too).

However, the SFU event the prince attended at SFU's Morris J Wosk Centre downtown was by invitation only.

So Prince Charles's staff and his foundation asked that nobody at SFU or in the media give much advance detail, as it was not a "public" event at which the public could see him or chat with him.

He was with us for only a few minutes, and then left for the remainder of his busy day.


Don MacLachlan

Director, Public Affairs and Media Relations

Simon Fraser University

First Nation Student

Re: Don MacLachlan

Its really nice to hear that Prince Charles attended a SFU event. I am very thankful that he took his time to see the great work that is being done at our institution. Great job at keeping it a secret, as it could have been a huge mess, as well embarassing - people could have been protesting, etc. Our institution needs good publicity, not negative.

Alan James

"That collaboration will see a partnership between SFU and the Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment, to develop a new curriculum for advanced education on sustainable urbanism."

A complete curriculum will have a section on snow and ice removal. Perhaps then SFU can find a better way to keep the roads safe without polluting the nearby creeks with salt.

Gordon Gu


His visit was not notified maybe due to security reasons.


world leaders should be more caution when they visit post secondary education institutions, "shoes attack" happens more frequently in these places.

Wenlong Zhao

Did Prince Charles visit UBC as well?

Peter Lenko

When the Prince left the country, a lot of news stations did surveys and asked questions whether the monarch is still important to the country.

Apparantly the answer they found was: No.

However, I think this answer was a bit fabricated because they based part of their findings on his "fan turnout," at the events he attended.

How can the media base their findings that the monarch is not important to Canada if the media didn't tell anyone where he was going to show up?

First Nation Student

This is a great picture!

Be respectful!


Monarchies are embarrassing hold-overs from our primitive past. Their members live lives of shameful over-privilege ensconced within bubbles of unearned wealth. They are irrelevant, parasitic reminders of a despicably, laughably, unjust social order. As an SFU student I'm ashamed that my school had anything to do with this inbred imbecile other than flipping him the bird - a fate far kinder than what he and his ilk deserve.

First Nation student

Mike - Some of us have learned that its polite to respectful to our elders, regardless if we have the same belief systems.

I am ashamed of you. There are more appropriate ways to express your thoughts.

You look like the fool because you don't show any dignity.

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