SFU tackles sockeye collapse

December 3, 2009

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SFU Continuing Studies in Science’s Speaking for the Salmon program has three upcoming events addressing the Fraser River sockeye collapse. On Dec. 7–8, about 20 of North America’s leading fisheries scientists will gather at the Burnaby campus to ponder the fishery decline. They’ll discuss whether marine/ocean survival is the problem, what other factors are involved, whether salmon forecasts provide useful management information, and how to improve monitoring and management. On Dec. 9, the same scientists will discuss their findings during a public presentation at the Vancouver campus. And on Jan. 14-15, 2010, SFU will host a public "Salmon Summit" at the Wosk Centre for Dialogue involving the scientists, industry stakeholders, First Nations and the public. The federal government commissioned an inquiry in November after only 1.4 million sockeye returned to the Fraser last July—a fraction of the 10.6 million predicted.


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Matthew Wong

We must depopulate. We must try to do this first before trying out any other band-aids, at least until we have these issues sorted out.

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