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Get SFU Connect-ed now–avoid the rush

November 27, 2008

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In case you missed it, SFU has a nifty new all-in-one e-mail-and-calendaring system called SFU Connect.

Based on a commercially supported version of Yahoo’s highly rated Zimbra Collaboration Suite, it’s replacing the antiquated SFUWebmail infrastructure over the next five months.

But you don’t have to wait—switch over now. Your LAN administrator can transfer over all your old e-mail folders, messages and address books to SFU Connect in a few hours. Following a quick one-on-one training session, you’ll be back in action without missing a beat.

"In fact, you not only can—you should sign up now" to avoid the last-minute rush, says user-experience coordinator Annay Slabikowska.

"You’re going to love this system—it’s so much more powerful, user-friendly and convenient than SFUWebmail."

The new system includes five gigabytes of e-mail space, calendaring, an address book, task-minder, shared-document functions and "zimlets"—mash-ups that allow for extra functionality within the web-based interface. The system performs virtually identically whether you’re using it at the office, at home or half-way around the world.

Help resources to ease the transition include an online, downloadable user guide, a cheat sheet, an extensive Q&A and online tutorials. Or, attend an ongoing series of scheduled drop-in demos and tutorials at all three campuses as often as you want until you’re comfortable with the new system.

"Come on—jump in," says Slabikowska. "The water’s fine."


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