Stress-free courses? CS has a sampler

August 5, 2010

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Interested in university courses without the pressure of deadlines and exams? Try the new SFU Academic Sampler program from Continuing Studies. The program offers a wide selection of credit courses on a non-credit basis, featuring engaging lectures, informed discussions and lively debates—all at half the cost.

“The program is great for SFU alumni who miss being in the academic environment, or for adults who are thinking of attending university but are unsure of what they might be asked to do,” says Tom Nesbit, Continuing Studies’ associate dean.

“We would also encourage members of the public who have a love of learning and would like to expand their knowledge for personal or professional development.”

The program runs at the Vancouver campus throughout the week, with a selection of daytime and evening courses such as Canadian Foreign Policy, Contemporary Health Issues, The History and Aesthetics of Cinema, World Music, Human Origins and Introductory Spanish. For details and registration call: 778.782.5134, email sampler@sfu.ca or visit www.sfu.ca/cstudies/sampler


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What is the sign up procedure for taking these courses? Do you know if some/most are full already?

Sounds like a great idea!


Assefash Yirgaw

Interested in taking languages courses. ie: English, French and Spanish... Also, any computer courses etc..

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