Student enrolment letters, T4As now accessible online

March 11, 2010

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Student Services is increasing efficiency, reducing paper usage and improving customer service by making an increasing number of its operations self-serve, available to students exclusively online at the SFU website.

Beginning with the 2009 taxation year, for example, students will access and print their T4A tax receipts through SFU’s Student Information System (SIS) instead of receiving them by mail, just as they’re already doing with T2202A receipts.

"It costs about a dollar to produce and mail one T4A form and we’re currently talking about 8,000 forms per year," says student financials director, Korina Chu. "So that alone will mean $8,000 a year in savings on postage, print costs and paper, and on top of that it’s much more sustainable."

And beginning last December, students can also use SIS to print off enrolment confirmation letters.

"The benefits of that are one, we’re printing a lot less of these letters, and two, students don’t have to stand in line to submit their request and then potentially stand in line again to pick them up," says associate registrar Al Wiseman.

"We owe a lot of thanks to IT Services for making these changes possible," says Chu. She adds: "We’re looking to do this with as many of our services as possible."


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